Call for Abstracts: Sound and Senses, Vol 9, No 1 (2019)


We hear and listen using our auditory sense. However, it has been acknowledged within several disciplines from neuroscience to humanistic approaches that our sensory system is not isolated in single senses but is working as an ensemble. Especially the close relation between hearing and touching – the auditory and the haptic sense – has been of growing interdisciplinary interest within the last decade from different perspectives: sound studies, affect studies, perception and cognitive science as well as psychology and neuroscience. With this special issue on Sound and Senseswe would like to invite research within the frame of the journal’s general aim of taking a humanity-based approach to sound and sound experience. 

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Abstract deadline (300 words): August 13, 2018

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Call for abstracts: Sonification and Multimodal Displays - Interdisciplinary Perspectives


The actual implementations and values of sonification, i.e. the process and practice of mapping data onto sounds, have been continuously debated. Thus, a central question still remains, concerning how well information and meaning can be conveyed solely through the medium of sound? 

For this special issue of SoundEffects 2018 we invite scholars from a variety of disciplines to reflect upon both the theoretical, methodological, and applied perspectives for sonification as such and in the context of multimodal displays.

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