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Engberg, Maria
Epstein, Marcia Jenneth (Canada)
Eriksson, Christine


Filimowicz, Michael, Senior Lecturer School of Interactive Arts and Technology Simon Fraser University, Canada


Gouk, Penelope, University of Manchester (United Kingdom)
Graakjær, Nicolai Jørgensgaard, Department of Communication and Psychology Aalborg University (Denmark)
Graakjær, Nicolai Jørgensgaard
Gram, Nina
Grøn, Rasmus
Groth, Sanne Krogh


Hällgren, Nina (Sweden)
Halliday, Sam, Queen Mary, University of London (United Kingdom)
Hansen, Allan Grutt
Hanssen, Tina Rigby (Norway)
Harvey, Lawrence
Have, Iben, Aarhus University (Denmark)
Have, Iben, Associate professor at Department of Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University (Denmark)
Have, Iben, Associate professor, Media Studies, Aarhus University (Denmark)
Have, Iben
Højlund, Marie Koldkjær, aarhus university (Denmark)
Højlund, Marie Koldkjær, Ph.D. fellow (Denmark)


Jensen, Erik Granly
Johnston, David Jhave


Keylin, Vadim
Kreutzfeldt, Jacob, Department og Arts and Cultural Studies, The University og Copenhagen (Denmark)

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