Sounding out the logo shot


  • Nicolai Jørgensgaard Graakjær



This article focuses on how sound in combination with visuals (i.e. ‘branding by’) may possibly affect the signifying potentials (i.e. ‘branding effect’) of products and corporate brands (i.e. ‘branding of’) during logo shots in television commercials (i.e. ‘branding through’). This particular focus adds both to the understanding of sound in television commercials and to the understanding of sound brands.

The article firstly presents a typology of sounds. Secondly, this typology is applied to an analysis of a case to illustrate how a textual analysis of sound and its audiovisual setting can offer relevant and necessary insights into processes of signification during a logo shot. Thirdly, the case is compared with 251 other cases from a larger sample of commercials. The analysis of the sample indicates the prevalence of sound brands and moreover it allows for further developing and nuancing of the presented sound typology.




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Graakjær, N. J. (2013). Sounding out the logo shot. SoundEffects - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience, 3(1-2), 78–95.