Call for Abstracts: Sound and Senses, Vol 9, No 1 (2019)


We hear and listen using our auditory sense. However, it has been acknowledged within several disciplines from neuroscience to humanistic approaches that our sensory system is not isolated in single senses but is working as an ensemble. Especially the close relation between hearing and touching – the auditory and the haptic sense – has been of growing interdisciplinary interest within the last decade from different perspectives: sound studies, affect studies, perception and cognitive science as well as psychology and neuroscience. With this special issue on Sound and Senseswe would like to invite research within the frame of the journal’s general aim of taking a humanity-based approach to sound and sound experience. 


SoundEffectswants with this special issue to address matters that have to do with sound in relation to the senses – perceptually, socially, culturally, and technologically. The issue reflects on ways in which sound in different mediated forms interferes and works with multiple of our senses in order to affect us. Within Sound Studies as well as Media Studies audio is often opposed and compared to vision. With this issue we would like to follow but also augment the sensory approach for instance by discussing how sound is able to establish telepresense(cf. Senft, 2008) or flow(cf. Csikszentmihalyi). Recent years we have also seen a surge in mediated auditory experiences intrinsically linked with other senses, and afforded by technologies like VR (virtural reality) and binaural microphones – the popularity of ASMR-videos (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) on YouTube is an example of that.

We thus wish to broaden the perspective towards other senses, not at least experiences related to haptic and synesthetic experiences, as we find it within affect studies, sound therapy and sensory studies. Finally, we would also like to include broader perspectives related to power structures, hierarchies, mediatization, and metaphorical use of the senses to describe the human relation towards the cultural and social environment.  

We are therefore interested in contributions that focus on both the theoretical, methodological, and applied perspectives for sound research in relation to sensory concepts. We welcome papers and essays that address and interrogate, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Synesthesia studies
  • Affect and emotion studies
  • Sensory studies
  • Music and emotion
  • Acoustemology
  • Sound design
  • Film and sound studies


Important deadlines:

Abstract deadline (300 words): August 13, 2018

Decision regarding the abstracts: NEW DATE! September, week 38, 2018

Article deadline (depending on a positive review of the abstract): November 19, 2018

Published: February/March 2019


Please send your abstract to: